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Reiki 1 Attunement and Certification 1:1

  • 1Day
  • 12Steps


Reiki can transform your life in so many ways. This beautiful energy that is within us promotes personal and spiritual growth; it can empower you to take charge of your own health; and increase intuition, inspire, awaken your creativity and spirit. In this class you will acquire the ability to access Reiki healing energy that you will retain for the rest of your life. You’ll expand your healing abilities as you explore how Reiki can reduce stress, relieve pain, balance emotions, and facilitate personal healing and spiritual growth, opening and expanding your awareness and intuition. You will: Learn Benefits and the history of Reiki Discover Reiki’s applications and how to practice Reiki on yourself, others, and animals for healing and increased well being. Receive attunement to empower yourself as a conduit for channeling life-force energy Ground and clear your energy fields Practice Reiki on yourself and others Receive a Reiki 1 handbook and certificate!

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