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Hello beautiful light being! 

Welcome, I am so honored you are here.  This is the sign you have been asking for. It is time to take back your power, trust your intuition, and align to your authentic self because you are worthy of living the most magical and abundant life. You are a powerful soul. 
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"Awaken Your Inner Wisdom: Join the Intuitive Awakening Masterclass!

Hide and Seek

Well Hello beautiful. I am Kristie, and so happy to see you.  Did you now that we are all frequency and energy beings? It feels like you may be waking up your own spiritual gifts or spiritual awakening, which led you here. 


 I am an Intuitive Soul Empowerment Teacher, Coach and Reiki Master Teacher.  I sense that you too may also be a healer in one way or another. Are you searching for your life purpose or mission?  Do you feel like there is something much more fulfilling that you are aware of but can't seem to know what that is? 

 I know life is giving us so many opportunities to grow, evolve and expand.  I have learned to embrace the unknown, change and set clear intentions because I know that we are never alone. The good news is, neither are you.   With over 23+ years of teaching, coaching, intuition abilities, my joyful "kindergarten spirit" I can "tune in" to the energies that are holding you.


You aren't meant to do this work alone, we do have spiritual helpers , and mentors like myself who can show you how to vibrate at a higher frequency.  When we learn to take care of our inner self,  you external world begins to shift.  Healing is a journey, is learning and unlearning process.  It is so excited to witness and be part of the transformations!!! There is no coincidence that brought you here to this homepage, you listened to the gentle nudge or curiosity.


You have uniques gifts, a soul mission and purpose.

You are powerful and can have all of the blessings, abundance and prosperity.

There is no limit to abundance.  There is enough abundance for everyone, including YOU sweet soul.  You are powerful of attracting it.  I am committed to serving you.

Are you ready to unlock your magic, shift your energy to allow transformation, expansion and abundance?   YOU are meant to SHINE your light into the world. The world is waiting for  you.  It is time sweet beautiful soul. 

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"I wanted to share that I thought the alter was beautiful and meaningful. Also, the certificates you gave are so professional!" - Reiki 1 student Testimony

" I also slept so peacefully last night and I’m not sore at all after running 8 miles before our class yesterday."  I practiced Reiki on my mom yesterday when I got home.  She just had a hip replacement and was having a lot of pain.  My hands were freezing after just carrying ice cream in the house and when I started the reiki my hands were burning.  My mom said she could feel the heat too.  Her pain was much better after, so cool!  Thanks so much for the workshop!  I had a great time and learned so much!"
- Student Testimony

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Energy Healing

Please message below in chat  for additional openings not seen in the booking calendar. I will have some availability on the weekends. 
There is
flexibility, let's add you to the calendar! 🤍

Kristie Callahan is a very gifted Reiki Master. I had the experience of Reiki before but never as powerful as my experience with Kristie. I felt so relaxed all day and at one point felt a rush of love. It was so palpable. I also slept so deeply and woke up refreshed. Kristie is also a gifted intuitive. She receives messages from her guides while doing the session. She was spot on! I wanted some healing after feeling sick for 10 days. I felt so much better after. I can't say enough about Kristie. She is fabulous and I highly recommend her.

My session with Kristie was insightful, powerful and healing! She is truly leaning into her gifts as a healer. I felt energy blocks clear and was able to move forward with some major life decisions that I had put off for awhile. I can’t say enough good about my experience. Thank you, Kristie!


Kristie's intuitive ability to accurately interpret messaging and the cards' meaning were on point. She picked up immediately on current information about my personal experiences with no input or background. Kristie's insights were meaningful and helped me clarify what path would serve me best. Receiving the follow up email with the image of the card spread helped me further reflect on our session in the days following. I will certainly see Kristie again soon and highly recommend her to anyone seeking support from someone who is authentically "tapped in" spiritually.

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In Their Own Words: Experiences Shared by my Beautiful Soulful Clients
* Are you a spiritual being feeling lost on your spiritual path?
* Do you feel a deep calling for transformation, expansion, abundance & prosperity in your life?
* Are you someone who wants to be heard with empathy and compassion?
* Do you want to set yourself "free" on your path to inner peace?  
* Have you wondering if there is something more with life?
* Do you want to learn more about law of attraction and learn how to manifest your dreams and desires?

* Are you bored and tired of the mundane and ready to live a more purposeful, magical life? 
* Do you wish to improve your marriage or current relationships? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Let's get your energy moving with some intuitive guidance, energy work, or soul empowered coaching!

Let's get clarity and action moving forward in your soul purpose.
Let's feel inner peace and balance with day to day life.
Let's shift your energy where you can create more abundance in your life 
I can help guide you to shine your LIGHT and live a magical life! 

It is time to feel FREE.  It is time to take the first step into your who you are meant to be, Your true authentic self!

I am here to serve you, beautiful light! I see you!
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