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What clients have to say..

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kristie after a referral to her was provided by a co-worker. I’ve been experiencing lower back issues on and off for years and my more recent flare-up was impacting both my work and personal life. I’ve always considered myself an open-minded person that is willing to try things like acupuncture, red light therapy, chiropractic care, etc. When I first learned about Reiki, I have to admit that I was a little bit of a skeptic but the more I learned, the more it made sense to me why something like this could work. We are all made up of energy, so if certain people can master the transfer of this energy then it could have a profound impact on healing ailments.

The most remarkable thing was that Kristie was able to have a short conversation with me over the phone and then complete my session without even being in the same room as me. Crazy right!? As strange as this may sound, all I can tell you is that there is clearly something to this because I could feel the warming sensation throughout my back area and legs for the next hour. My back spasms stopped and it was the first good night sleep I got in weeks. I highly recommend that you experience this for yourself. You won't be disappointed.




My session with Kristie was insightful, powerful and healing! She is truly leaning into her gifts as a healer. I felt energy blocks clear and was able to move forward with some major life decisions that I had put off for awhile. I can’t say enough good about my experience. Thank you, Kristie!

- Angela 

Yoga at Home

 Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect. Kristie came to my home with her table. Kristie explained what Reiki was all about. She explained what she was going to do., As I lie on the table, Kristie put a blanket on me. She then asked me to close my eyes and relax. I thought, this isn't going to do anything for me. WRONG! It was the most incredible experience. When our time was up, I felt so relaxed and stress had be lifted. I can't say enough about Kristie. I feel everyone has to experience this with Kristie. You will be amazed at how you feel!

-  Trisha D. 

We met with Kristie to have release some negative energy from my kiddo who internalized lots of stress.  My kiddo reported feeling free, happy and courageous after her session. - Sara

Kristie's energy is to positive it relaxes you at first greeting. I couldn't believe how rejuvenated and energized I felt.  The longstanding tension in my neck and shoulders released. My personality calmed and my patience multiplied.  Thank you Kristie for allowing me to experience some tranquility in the midst of the world of chaos. 

- Sarah

Reiki was a new experience for me. Kristie made me feel comfortable and explained what she would be doing during our session. She had a table with a blanket and her phone with her playing relaxing sounds. After she finished her session I felt relaxed, calm, and wonderful. I would recommend Reiki with the Enlightened Rose🌹

Kristie treated my high anxiety child and they reported feeling refreshed and has requested a monthly session.  They were also able to experience successful sleep the evening after. 

~ Thankful Mother in VT

I did a reiki session with Kristie in person when she was fulfilling her training hours. I was definitely impressed and intrigued to do more. A few months passed and I booked another session with Kristie and we did it remotely. Something was different. I loved the remote reiki session. I felt physical sensation during the session that we later connected about - what I was feeling in my body is what she was feeling on her end too. Powerful. I also had a beautiful release of tears which was great considering I have had a hard time accessing my emotions these past few years. I highly recommend having a session with Kristie Callahan. Love and Light.

                                                                                         - Meghan 

I had my first ever distance Reiki healing session with Kristie. Kristie was able to tune into what I needed and was able to intuitively sense which areas of my body she needed to focus on without me telling her! I felt so much better after our session. The next day I woke up feeling balanced, lighter, and clear-headed.  Kristie’s energy is clear and bright, and I’m so happy to have her healing energy around me.  I loved our reiki session. I highly recommend her.

                                                                                   - Lee

Kristie Callahan is a very gifted Reiki Master. I had the experience of Reiki before but never as powerful as my experience with Kristie. I felt so relaxed all day and at one point felt a rush of love. It was so palpable. I also slept so deeply and woke up refreshed. Kristie is also a gifted intuitive. She receives messages from her guides while doing the session. She was spot on! I wanted some healing after feeling sick for 10 days. I felt so much better after. I can't say enough about Kristie. She is fabulous and I highly recommend her.

Teresa Donegan, PhD
Trainer/Teacher/Author, TDonegan Consulting LLC

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