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5 Ways you can Prepare and Get the Most out of the Winter Solstice!

As the days get shorter and shorter, we approach the Winter Solstice – the day of the year with the fewest hours of sunlight (in the Northern hemisphere). This special day represents the changing of the seasons and the start of winter. It reminds us that all living things need sunlight and gives us the opportunity to welcome light into our lives by celebrating the absence of it.

Sunlight is necessary for all things to grow. It gives us vitality and energy. We cannot have life as we know it without sunlight. So when the sun is out of sight on the longest nights of the winter, it’s a beautiful reminder to be grateful for the light in our lives. No matter if the days are getting longer or shorter in your part of the world, this pivotal day can help us connect to Spirit and live aligned with the cycles of nature.

These moments where the seasons change anchor in us the felt experience that we can never be disconnected from nature. We are intrinsically linked to her cycles. Each solstice brings its own unique energy and gifts. If you’re looking for a Winter Solstice ritual to help mark this important moment, I’ve created this guide to help you get the most out of this special December solstice.

Marking the change of the seasons with a Winter Solstice Ritual is a wonderful way to prepare. You can even use this guide to create your own Winter Solstice Traditions to practice year after year.

Here are 5 things you can do NOW to prepare and get the most out of the Winter Solstice 2021

1. Declutter your energy with an honest inventory

Begin your Winter Solstice preparation by writing down a list of the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming the person you want to be. The Winter Solstice is an opportunity for expansion. In order to expand, you have to be honest with yourself about the beliefs you’re holding onto that are keeping you stuck.

Try journaling on this question: Which of my behaviors and beliefs are out of alignment with the things I say I want?

2. Consider the resentments you’re holding onto

I love a good list! It can be so helpful to make a Winter Solstice tradition out of writing down any resentments that are lingering within you. Are you holding onto things you have no control over? If so, write them down.

Next, try journaling on this question: How is holding onto these resentments serving me? Can I be willing to let them go? Who could I become without these?

3. Make the Serenity Prayer your own

Once you’ve gotten clarity on the resentments holding you back, you can ask your Higher Power for support. If there’s a particularly stubborn one you’re struggling to release, turn it over to Spirit. The serenity prayer is perfect to recite in these moments. Ask the Universe to grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, courage to change the things you can, and wisdom to know the difference.

I can hardly think of a more beautiful Winter Solstice prayer! At this time of the year, the cycles of nature are supporting you to release and cleanse. And Spirit is your partner in this journey.

4. Lay your intentions on a sacred altar

Do you have an altar in your home? If not, why not create one to help you celebrate the Winter Solstice 2021? It can be simple. Choose a little spot in your home to put some items you love –– a nice candle, a beloved crystal, a beautiful leaf –– whatever speaks to you right now.

Next, take two pieces of paper and two envelopes. On the first paper, write down the things you want to release & give up during the Solstice Season. Put a symbol on the envelope that represents your Higher Power and set it on your altar.

On the second paper, write down your aspirations for this season of your life and who you wish to become. If nothing was preventing you from your desires, who would you be? Now put a symbol on this envelope that means something special to you. Something that reminds you of your dreams and desires.

Place both envelopes on your altar as an offering to the Divine. This is a practice of handing this over to Spirit. Of releasing control and trusting. Leave the envelopes here and open them again next year on the Solstice.

5. Clean it up!

Finally, take some time to consider anything you need to clean up during this time. It could be someone you need to make amends with,( maybe yourself?), unfinished business you need to complete, an email you need to send, or a conversation you need to have.

Where do you have loose ends that need tying up before the shifting of the seasons? Remember, the Solstice is a time of welcoming in new light and expansion. It’s best to enter this time with a clean slate and fresh energy.

The Winter Solstice 2021 has some powerful themes for us to work with. It’s a great time to look at your relationships and boundaries, to cleanse and release what isn’t serving you, to speak your truth, and to invite more peace into your life.

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