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Feelings of New Beginnings

I must say that I appreciate and welcome all four seasons. I am so blessed to live in a place where I can enjoy all of the beautiful gifts of each phase of the year. This is the season of new beginnings. My heart lights up when I start to hear the birds sing. The debut of warmer days raises everyone's vibrations as everyone is out and about with a smile. The mood is contagious! You see the purple and yellow flowers sprouting out of the hard ground. The grass deepening green from the long, deep frost that once was its blanket for months.

This week as I noticed that the moon was growing to its full potential and glory, it is just like everything else growing to its fullness. The flowers will begin to bloom, the trees will begin to bud. Everything is waking up. We are waking up. Businesses and the collective are opening back up again.

With all of this shift of energy and time of change, the time is now to plant those seeds for new beginnings. Go gently. Surrender and allow things to unfold on its own divine time. Be thankful for all of the gifts and blessings that are given to you each and every day.

New Beginnings.... we will see much coming to us each day as the sunshines on us one minute longer each day. Grateful for all of the lovely gifts and beauty of this time of year every single day. Blessings!

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