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Psychic Reiki- What the Heck is This?

Well Beautiful Spirits, I haven't written in quite some time but have been guided to share and write some wisdom. I apologize in advance if I am all over the map, as I am getting my thoughts and words from my heart out. So thank you for staying with me. HA!

First of all, thank you for finding me and my page. This work has been part of me my entire life and many previous lifetimes. I am so happy to see so many people collectively awakening in these crazy times.

Personally, I have always wanted to serve people and be the positive supporter with all that know me and have worked with me. This is one of my gifts and soul purposes. In one of my spiritual soul classes, we had to find out what our soul purpose was and learn how this part of our work in this lifetime, ( incarnation) Have you considered what your best qualities are? Have you asked people who know you best to name at least five of your best qualities? This most likely IS who you are and your life purpose.

I am natural born teacher and have fallen to this work because educators have been in my family for several generations. I have always known that I had different gifts as a very young child. I have always felt different and sometime alienated from others and for the longest time, I have always been extremely sensitive and continue to be because this is who I am. However, I felt that this was always a burden, but now have realized that this was MY GIFT. My sensitivity was me being an EMPATH. I use ALL CAPS here because this was very challenging growing up surrounded by chaotic energies around me.

Being a teacher and empath worked for me. I was able to build strong relationships in all of the different schools where my life journey brought me. However, I have always wondered if I was meant to do something more. I always wanted to know what my true HEART"S DESIRE was, I felt myself seeking more as I often became bored or uninterested every few years in a school or classroom.

For me the pandemic was my blessing in many ways or even the dark night of the soul as I was reawakened myself to the work I needed to do moving forward. As we remember, when the pandemic began, everything shut down. When schools closed, this was where I was given the nudges and guidance that there was more work for me do. There is where energy healing reentered my path. I learned about Reiki and energy healing 30 years ago, However, there wa great friend of mine who was also learning Reiki brought it back to my attention. All in Divine Time, this was my moment to step back into this healing modality.

Fast forward to today, I am currently a Reiki Master which is Reiki III, which allows me to give attunements to others so they can give reiki to themselves.

While serving others, and being into sessions, I have learned that I have a clear channel to guides, messages and other angels. With my own healing journey, I have discovered more and more who I am. Being more authentic and letting go of the layers and layers that was covering up my true identity of a psychic empath. Every one of us in intuitive or psychic, My teacher says it is like a muscle that needs work to grow and get stronger. I am proud to say that I know longer want to sit idle. I want share my story as there are people just like me waiting for "their moment" to take off the mask. You are wise, you are beautiful and you have so many unique gifts to share with the world. What are you waiting for?

Much Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

Kristie 💛💫 🌹

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